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Services Offered

Patient Advocate

Personal & Family Consultations

Personal & Family Consultations

If you or a loved one does not understand their doctor or procedures they are having, this service can be very helpful.

I will meet you at the appointment , take notes, ask questions and do whatever it takes to make sure you are treated with respect and dignity. I will be there to help you understand what your doctor is telling you and explain all directions in detail. This service can be especially helpful for a loved one who does not live close to family. With the consent of the client, I will call or email the result to the client's family.

Personal & Family Consultations

Personal & Family Consultations

Personal & Family Consultations

This service is offered for those who have been first diagnosed with a chronic illness or are having difficulty with their illness and treatments..  Long term illnesses affect all our relationships.  Families/spouses are welcome to come and ask questions and learn what they can expect and how they can encourage and help their loved one.

I have experience working with people who have dementia and their families.  I am a trained crises counselor and will use my own experiences as well to understand and walk with you and your loved ones through this journey.  

Support Groups


The Pain Circle - Support Group for People With Chronic Pain

These groups have not been meeting in person due to COVID 19.  July 2020  we will be hosting groups on-line in a secure and encrypted video forum.  More  information coming.

No Pre-Registration Required. No Fee for attending the group.

Service Fees

About Anya


Anya's Story

This business began February 2018, with a giant leap of faith.  I had been a chronic pain survivor for fifteen years.  In 2016, I became very desperate.  A pain specialist had treated me with opiates for eight years.  My body had become adjusted to them and did not relieve the pain any longer.  The doctor refused to raise my dose but suggested to keep doing the excruciating injections in my back and lung every eight weeks.  A procedure that he was charging my insurance for over $3,000 each time.

 My close friends were doing my grocery shopping and errands.  I had in home care and used a cane for stability.  At 51 years old my life lost its quality.  I was not leaving the house.

Pain had already taken away my friends and family.  They believed I was using my medication inappropriately, which I never did.  They also noticed a change in my personality, which I was not aware of.  Severe pain and narcotic medications can change your mood and cause depression and anxiety.


Healing & a Leap of Faith

I asked the pain clinic to give me a schedule to wean down from the  Methadone and Norco.  Then I walked out of that office and never looked back.  In December 2016, in my own home, I began detoxing off the narcotics.  It was something I do not recommend doing alone.  It was only by the grace of God that I made it through 2017.  I found holistic therapies and medications that worked for me.  I was beginning to get my strength and energy back.  

I had always dreamed of facilitating a support group for Chronic Pain Survivors.  When I looked for a group many years before, I realized that my community did not have this type of support system.

As my health increased, my desire became strong to help those like myself.  In December of 2017 I approached a pharmacist friend and asked if he would let me start a support group in his Café.  He agreed supportively and The Pain Circle, a group for those who have chronic pain, was started February 2018.


The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me.

Since I was a child, I had the dream of being self employed.  The ideas have come and gone but the passion of helping those like myself is very strong.  I am very humbled to now be able to have this business which advocates, educates and consoles those having physical and mental disabilities.  I now have a different look at success after all this.  To me, success is when your passion meets your dream.


  1. "It is obvious that Anya is doing this because she truly cares and will go a million miles to help you."  H.S.
  2. "I found Anya.  She was so helpful with me and my son.  I think she has the knowledge and patience everyone should discover. " C.S.T
  3.  "Anya is tender-hearted and respectful with her patients, but don’t be fooled. She is tough and demands the best with doctors and nurses. Anya will fight for your best interest and comes prepared to not take anything lying down. " K.S.
  4. "I found Anya to be very understanding and compassionate.  She has a thorough understanding of her work and presents herself well when talking with the physician.  She asks good, specific questions.  Very satisfied." T.W.


Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

All client information is kept confidential according to HIPPA Laws. We value your privacy and understand that everything you tell us is to be kept confidential unless you give us the written consent to share with family or other health professionals.

Anya Grace is not a medical practitioner, she is a professional whose purpose is to get you answers, referrals and information for you to make appropriate choices in your health care.  Anya is not liable for any injuries or illnesses that occur while partnered with her or afterwards.  Anya follows the ethical guidelines of the Alliance of Professional Health Advocates.